101 Films, an Amcomri Media Group company has announced the all-rights acquisition of a significant slate of new movies for release in the UK and Ireland in the first part of 2021.

The headline title is No Man Of God which focuses on the real-life recorded conversations between the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy and FBI agent Bill Hagmier. Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings) plays Hagmier opposite Luke Kirby (who also starred in Glass) as Bundy. The movie is the latest production from the team at SpectreVision who were also behind such recent cult hits as “Archenemy”, “Colour Out Of Space” and “Mandy”.

Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss (“Jaws”) stars alongside Mira Sorvino who also won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for the Woody Allen movie “Mighty Aphrodite” head the line-up in The Last Job. An elderly man suffering from cancer seeks revenge on the thieves that have destroyed his life in this crime thriller. Even 45 years after his iconic role in “Jaws”, Dreyfuss continues to headline great movies and this is no exception.

In Reunion, an exceptional horror/drama from New Zealand, a heavily pregnant Ellie (played by Emma Draper) reunited with her estranged mother (Julia Ormond) in her childhood home. It soon becomes clear that this family is harbouring some dark secrets as Ellie finds herself plagued with unpleasant visions of her late sister Cara (played by Ava Keane). Spending time in her childhood home forces Ellie to confront some inner demons and past memories that she would rather keep buried.

A pair of rebellious siblings played by rising star Olivia DeJonge and Alex Neustaedter (“Colony”) escape their controlling father (played by William Fichtner who also starred in “Black Hawk Down”) to discover the world in 1900s America in another excellent acquisition, Josie and Jack.

And finally, for now, 101 Films has announced the acquisition of We Still Say Grace starring Holly Taylor (“The Americans”) and Bruce Davison (“X-Men 2”) which tells the tale of the teenage daughter of a religious fanatic who attempts to escape her father’s delusional suicide pacts after three strangers break down near her family’s remote compound.

101 Films’ Managing Director, Andy Lyon, commented : “101 Films continues to build on our strategy of acquiring a strong and varied new release slate of bold and original content with established and upcoming young cast. Our ambitious plans for 2021 have started with these fantastic titles and we continue each day to ensure that 101 Films remains one of the leading film publishers in the UK.”