101 Films, an Amcomri company, has concluded a 6-movie deal with Sky Cinema (British Sky Broadcasting). The package includes the 101 Films International/Ton Of Hats maiden co-production Take Back and a first TV deal for the recently launched 101 Films/(Yet) Another Distribution Company  joint venture with ‘Last Moment Of Clarity’.

Sky Cinema will premiere the martial arts action thriller Take Back starring Mickey Rourke, Michael Jai White, Gillian White and James Russo along with 5 other 101 Films movies from its forward slate. 

Take Back is an adrenaline-fuelled, martial arts action thriller in which
Zara (Gillian White) and Brian (Michael Jai White) are living the perfect small-town life when Zara heroically foils a robbery and becomes headline news. This unwanted notoriety draws elements of Zara’s mysterious past back into her life. Also starring Mickey RourkeTake Back is a co-production between fellow Amcomri company, 101 Films International and Mike Hatton’s Ton of Hats. 

Undertow is a psychological thriller about a woman who, struggling to accept the loss of her baby, becomes suspicious of her husband’s relationship with a feisty young woman, Angie. The movie stars rising star Olivia DeJonge and John Helman

Josie & Jack  is a drama starring Olivia DeJonge and William Fichtner telling the story of siblings who, after spending their entire young lives housebound by their controlling father, escape and head to the big city to explore the real world for the first time. 

In Locusts,  Ben Geurens and Nathaniel Dean play estranged brothers who are the targets of an extortion racket in director Heath Davis’ crime-drama Locusts. When Ryan crosses paths with a gang of thugs from their father’s shady past, the brothers become entangled in a deadly racket that exposes the dark underbelly of the sleepy town. 

In Reunion, featuring Julia Ormond, a pregnant woman returns to her recently-deceased grandparents’ old family home to spend time with her estranged mother. What begins as a tenuous reunion slowly turns terrifying as long buried secrets send mother and daughter towards madness. 

Three years after witnessing the murder of his fiancée, Last Moment of Clarity tells of a man who has found himself a fearful drifter, until one day at a Parisian cinema he sees an actress who looks a lot like his dead love. He sets out for Los Angeles and eventually discovers the truth about his fiancée. Starring Samara Weaving and Brian Cox, this is the first of a series of titles acquired for the new Joint Venture between ‘(Yet) Another Distribution Company’ and 101 Films. 

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