Abacus Media Rights to launch pre-sales for groundbreaking factual series Conquistadors: The Rise and Fall from Night Train Media and Dash Pictures

London 24 January – Abacus Media Rights (AMR), an Amcomri Entertainment Company, and Night Train Media (NTM) will launch pre-sales for groundbreaking factual series, Conquistadors: The Rise and Fall, to buyers at Realscreen and Content Americas this month.

Produced by Emmy-nominated Dash Pictures and NTM, Conquistadors: The Rise and Fall has AMR taking global distribution rights in association with NTM. Executive producers for Dash Pictures are Daniel Sharp (Vikings: The Rise and Fall, Fantastic Friends) and Anna O’Malley (Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Vikings: The Rise and Fall), and for NTM Herbert L. Kloiber (Vikings: The Rise and Fall, Rogue Agent) and James Copp.

Currently in production, the 6 x 1 hour series, filmed in unique locations in both Spain and South America, includes carefully choreographed dramatic reconstructions directed by Daniel Sharp with in-depth analysis from a line-up of the most respected historians and experts from the Americas and Spain. Conquistadors: The Rise and Fall is narrated by Christian Camargo (See, The Hurt Locker, Twilight).

The year 1492 marked the start of nearly a century of brutal Spanish conquest of the Americas and the beginning of ‘The Age of the Conquistadors’. The ruthless and violent acquisition of huge parts of the New World by men like Columbus and Cortés would see the fall of the mighty Aztec and Inca civilisations as well as the deaths of millions of indigenous people through oppression, enslavement and disease.

Popular culture has painted the Conquistadors as brave Christian pioneers, but a shifting narrative has revealed a darker story to their rise and fall – one built on unthinkable atrocities and fuelled by an insatiable and blinding thirst for gold, power and glory.

Jonathan Ford, Managing Director at AMR comments, “We are delighted once again to be collaborating with our friends at Night Train Media, this time on the reality of The Conquistadors who rampaged through North and Latin America under the guise of Christianity. It’s also a privilege to be working again with Daniel Sharp and his dedicated team who validate every element of the production, be it in authenticating the dramatic reconstructions or seeking out those whose expertise can strikingly deliver the most disturbing and undisclosed facts. I’m certain this new series will enlighten audiences not only in Latin America but throughout the world.”

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