Welcome to Amcomri Entertainment, a global independent producer, distributor, sales agent, and financier of film and TV content. We are proud to work with over 200 independent content producers, offering comprehensive services from script to screen, with over 3,000 films and 4,750 TV hours in our libraries. Our turnkey solutions provide producers with a unique blueprint to realise their vision, from securing finance and production support through to global distribution and sales. This approach, together with our own unique insight as producers of our own unforgettable content, ensures each production is given the best opportunity to succeed in the global market. 

Sales & Distribution

Taking independent stories global

As an international sales agency, Amcomri Entertainment provides a vital service for both independent TV and film producers and Hollywood studios. Our trusted network allows us to deliver sales guarantees that content financiers need to fund content producers successfully. We provide the collateral needed to enable these financiers to support independent producers and ensure that their projects reach their full potential.

At Amcomri Entertainment, we offer a robust, secure, and successful distribution route to global markets for independent producers of film and TV content. With our experience we have built a tried and trusted network of distribution partners with depth and breadth across global markets, ensuring that our producers’ content reaches a broad and engaged audience.

Content Libraries

Amazing stories forever, everywhere

Amcomri Entertainment also acquires film rights to develop and expand its own library of content enabling it to provide the right content for all channels across the media landscape. Major VOD, AVOD, TV, SVOD and FAST platforms as well as broadcasters make up our global client base.


Bringing stories to life around the world

We pride ourselves on creating unforgettable content at Amcomri Entertainment. As a producer and co-producer of film and TV content, we have developed content across all genres and formats, and we aim to be the go-to partner for independent producers globally.


Empowering independent creators to create

By financing our own and third-party productions and distributing through our network, we reduce risk for producers, enhance net margins, and secure future developments. Our flexible finance solutions range from fully-funding to gap funding, POP financing, and bridge financing.

Amcomri Entertainment will help you bring your vision to life. Our expertise and resources can help take your project from script to screen, and our comprehensive services ensure that you can realise your vision and maximise its performance.

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