101 Films, an Amcomri Entertainment company, has confirmed all rights acquisitions of a significant slate of movies for release in the UK in 2022 from the Virtual AFM Market.

Clean (2021) is an action/thriller, produced, written by and starring Oscar © winner Adrien Brody. Tormented by his criminal past Clean (Adrien Brody – The Pianist) attempts a quiet life caring for his community as a sanitation worker and as a mentor to his young neighbour Dianda. When local gang violence puts his neighbor’s life in danger and finds him at odds with the town mafia boss (Glen Fleshler – Joker), Clean finds himself returning to his violent past and seeks the help of his only friend (RZA – American Gangster) to save his neighbor and possibly achieving salvation in the process.https://www.101-films.com/

Last Son (2021) aka The Last Son of Isaac Lemay is a gritty western with a very stong cast; including Sam Worthington (Avatar 2), Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly), Thomas Jane (The Predator) and Heather Graham (Boogie Nights).
Isaac LeMay (Worthington), learns from a soothsayer that he is cursed and will be killed by one of his children. To prevent the curse from coming true, he tracks down his spawn, whose bloodlines are confirmed by a hereditary birthmark, eventually finding his son Cal (Machine Gun Kelly), who is on a murdering rampage. With bounty hunters and the sheriff on their tail, LeMay must find a way to stop his son and end the curse.

Wyrmwood: Apocalypse (2022) is the long-awaited sequel to the Aussie indie gorefest from 2014. Brother and sister duo Barry (Jay Gallagher) and Brooke (Bianca Brady) have joined forces with fellow rebels – sisters Maxi (Shantae Barnes-Cowan) and Grace (Tasia Zalar). When Grace is captured by soldier Rhys (Luke McKenzie) and delivered to The Colonel (Jake

Ryan) and his villainous leader, The Surgeon (Nicholas Boshier), Maxi and her new rebel friends must slaughter their way to her rescue.
The movie has been acquired as a joint venture with Phil Hunt’s ‘Yet Another Distributor’ imprint

Easy Does It (2019) is a quirky crime/thriller starring Terminator legend Linda Hamilton, as you’ve never seen her before! Two dimwitted buddies, Jack and Scotties, embark on a cross- country adventure from Mississippi to California in pursuit of some buried treasure and the American Dream. Broke and desperate, these two not-so-natural-born killers somehow stumble into national notoriety as public enemies number one and two by robbing their way through America, accidentally kidnapping a hostage, killing a cop, and getting the deranged bounty huntress King George (Hamilton) hot on their trail. They get more than what they’ve bargained for and it’s going to be a race to the bullet-riddled finish.

Alice Runs Away (2021) is an atmospheric drama starring William Sadler (Shawshank Redemption / Die Hard 2). Alice (Ashley Shelton), hides away from her past and present haunts, at her uncle’s (Sadler) farm – an idyllic, isolated patch where new lives can be formed and old ones left behind. There she meets other outsiders (Paxton Singleton – Haunting of Hill House) seeking shelter who have been taken in by her uncle in what appears to be through philanthropic motivations alone. But while her new refuge offers solace, secrets and faces from the past are not far behind.

101 Films is also delighted to confirm the all rights acquisition of one of this century’s most iconic films, Memento (2000). His only non-studio film, Christopher Nolan’s feature debut remains among his best work, and introduced the manipulation of time as a major theme of his storytelling.

Starring Guy Pearce (Iron Man 2), Carrie-Ann Moss (Matrix: Resurrections), Joe Pantoliano (Bound), Mark Boone Junior (Batman Begins) and Stephen Tobolowsky (Groundhog Day). Told in reverse order and through flashbacks, Memento is a tale of deception, desperation, and confusion, a story of a man in search of both the man who killed his wife — and his own identity. Despite revealing the climax of the story in the first shot, Memento saves its biggest secrets for the end of the film — the story’s starting point.