Toronto-based Michael Walker is Vice President of Productions for the Amcomri Entertainment Inc group. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Michael is leading our production division as we move forward with our own feature film slate, in partnership with several independent producers in North America and the UK. 

Michael believes that “There is no better place than Canada for Producers and no better place for Amcomri to invest in the film industry”.

Canada has become a key filming destination for Studios and Independent Producers from all over the world.  Lower production costs, outstanding casts and crews, locations, facilities, lucrative government incentives and its proximity to the US have made Canada one of the most attractive destinations in the world for film and television production. For these reasons, Amcomri Entertainment Inc has based its production capabilities in Canada and has committed to additional productions there over the coming months. A new series also in the early stages of development for filming in Northern Ontario, will further strengthen Amcomri’s links to the Canadian film and TV industries whilst our international documentary and TV distribution arm, Abacus Media Rights, carries the international distribution rights for several Canadian productions and series including the recent hit series “Trickster” and the CBC/BET+ original series, “The Porter”, currently in production in Manitoba.

Michael Walker commented, “Many of the major studios have a strong presence in Canada and continue to increase their footprint with Netflix recently opening new offices in Toronto. Canada also has co-production treaties with over 50 countries, which allows International Producers the opportunity to access Canadian incentives and benefits. Canada offers incredible and diverse locations ranging from world class cities like Toronto and Vancouver to picturesque mountains, oceans, pristine lakes, and beautiful rural communities. Canada also has reputation for being very Producer friendly.  After all, we are Canadian.”

“When we were considering  re-making the David Cronenberg film Rabid, a project that received substantial funding from Amcomri, Canada was the only place that made sense for us to shoot. We had incredible support from Telefilm and Ontario Creates along with great tax incentives. Hamilton provided us with access to great locations and strong crews alongside the incredible Toronto talent pool.”

Michael Walker, VP Productions

In addition to working in Canada, over the past 12 months, Amcomri has produced four features including “Every Last One of Them” starring Richard Dreyfuss and “Take Back” starring Mickey Rourke in co-production with Mike Hatton’s LA based, Ton of Hats. These films were shot in the Coachella Valley area under COVID-secure conditions and strict pandemic guidelines.  Amcomri recently entered into an agreement to produce a further four movies in partnership with Ton of Hats. 

The Amcomri team also partnered with UK based Picture Perfect on the feature film “Code of Silence”, shot in Wales. A second feature, with Picture Perfect, is slated to go into production in early October. All of these productions will be distributed globally by Amcomri Entertainment Inc’s own distribution arm, 101 Films International.

While the opportunity to work with Producers in LA and Wales exceeded expectations, Michael Walker and the team are looking forward to returning to Canada and are in pre-production for the next Amcomri backed feature which is to be shot in Alberta, Canada.

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