LONDON, October 14th, 2020

101 Films International, and Amcomri Entertainment Inc company, has taken on the worldwide sales rights for the new Mickey Rourke movie, “Mammon” which is currently in pre-production in Los Angeles.

Mammon is the directorial debut of US filmmaker Isaac Walsh, who also wrote the script with Tyle Claire Smith. It follows a struggling young couple chasing the ’American Dream’, who realise their worst nightmare when they discover a demonic spirit in their new home.

Rourke plays the demonic spirit, with Taye Diggs and Jessica Uberuaga is also attached to star. 

Mammon is prdouced by Mike Hatton for his Ton of Hats outfits.  The executive producers are Andy Lyon and Michael Walker of 101 Films International, with Glen Smith, Gary Smith, and Gary Smith Jr. of MHI Investments, Garrett Zinke, Ryan McDonald, and Asko Akopyan