February 3, 2021, London

Last Moment of Clarity will be the first major release from the joint venture between Amcomri company, 101 Films and (Yet) Another Distribution Company (YAD).

A Hitchcockian thriller with a line up that includes Brian Cox (Succession, X-Men 2, Autopsy of Jane Doe) Samara Weaving (Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood, Three Billboards, Bill & Ted Face The Music, Guns AkimboZach Avery (Fury, Farming, The White Crow) and Udo Kier (Bacurau, Blade, Downsizing).

A man on the run from a vicious gang of killers breaks cover when he becomes convinced his lover – who they murdered – is still alive. Was it a moment of clarity, or will it be the last thing he does? Get ready for Metalwork Pictures’ Last Moment Of Claritya Neo-noir thriller which makes its UK debut from 101 Films and (Yet) Another Distribution Company on 8 March 2021. 

This psychological thriller where not everything is as it seems and a wrong turn can be deadly, has echoes of Hitchcock’s masterworks such as Vertigo and Rear Window and features an all-star line up including Golden Globe winner and Succession favourite Brian Cox, Samara Weaving star of Netflix hit Ryan Murphy’s HollywoodFury’s Zach Avery and Bacurau star Udo Kier

Gambling addict Sam Pivnic (Avery) goes into hiding in Paris after falling foul of the Bulgarian mob in an incident that saw his beautiful fiancée killed in a major gas explosion. Three years later and a chance encounter leads him to believe she may be alive – but with a new identity and a fledgling acting career in Hollywood. Sam heads to LA to find out what really happened…But he risks running into the gangsters still after him. Can he uncover the truth or will they succeed in bumping him off? 

This gripping thriller from Metalwork Pictures is the feature length debut of writing and directing duo James and Colin Krisel and was produced by Andrew Levitas and Stephen Israel.