Amcomri Entertainment Inc (Amcomri Entertainment”), has confirmed that it has entered into an agreement with Alberta’s Polyscope Productions & Alberta Film Projects (AFP) to finance and produce the Christmas feature, Home For The Holidays. Written by Steve Goldsworthy and Co-Directed by Jason Wan Lim and Kyle Cooper, filming will commence in Calgary, Alberta in mid-February. Amcomri Productions Limited will produce and finance the project with Polyscope. 101 Films International has been appointed as global sales agent for the project.

Home For The Holidays is the charming story of Ella Chandler, a local hardware store owner who has dreamed of owning the abandoned home on the edge of her beautiful Rocky Mountain town since she was a child. The dream finally becomes a reality when the Town Council awards Ella the home. Ella starts moving into her new dream house with plans of restoring the once beautiful property. Not long after, the front door opens and in walks Russell Lewis and his eight year old son, Ben. Russell, a newly-single parent and children’s author, has come to lay claim to the house left to him by a distant relative. Hammers swing and sparks fly as two very different people are forced to share a house, all while dealing with an unexpected looming deadline instigated by a mystery individual who put into process the demolition of the property.

Jason Wan Lim is leading the production team for Polyscope Productions, along with fellow producers Kyle Cooper, Chris Bragg, Josh Brennand and Scott Jones. Michael Walker, Head of Production for Amcomri Productions, will oversee the project on behalf of Amcomri.

Andy Lyon, 101 Films International CEO said “Having completed the filming of “Left Behind: Rise of The Anti Christ” in Calgary at the end of 2021 we were keen to find another project to work with the production team in Alberta. “Home For The Holidays” is  a beautiful story and being a festive Romantic Comedy sits in a genre which has huge demand for quality content not just this year but every year. We expect strong sales across the globe on this movie.”

Amcomri Entertainment CEO, Robert Price commented, “We have now built a diverse pipeline of productions for 2022 across multiple genres and we are excited to see all our productions come to life. ‘Home For The Holidays’ represents another step in delivering in a key part of Amcomri Entertainment’s growth strategy to build our original feature film production slate alongside our content distribution libraries.”

Jason Wan Lim added “We feel fortunate to be working again with the Amcomri team, so soon after our last collaboration. We had an excellent experience working together on “Left Behind -Rise of the Antichrist”, which we just wrapped in Calgary back in November 2021.”

About Polyscope Productions:

Founded by Jason Wan Lim in 2012 to produce little more than a student film, Polyscope has since grown to provide content directly, amongst others, for Neshama Entertainment, MarVista Entertainment, Crown Media Holdings and Netflix, opening the door to the latter’s first set-managed production in the Province of Alberta. Joined first by Kyle Cooper and soon after by Chris Bragg, these three are the Key Partners in Polyscope.

About Alberta Film Projects:

In 2016, Alberta Film Projects joined executive producer and veteran film distributor Scott J. Jones, development executive Norman Siderow, and Calgary-based producer/director Jason Wan Lim in a filmmaking venture at the base of the majestic Canadian Rockies.


101 Films International, a division of Amcomri Entertainment inc, is a leading worldwide sales agent and distribution company based in London, England. 101 International provides support to independent producers at all stages of the production and sales process.


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