Amcomri Entertainment Inc.’s TV and Documentary distribution company, Abacus Media Rights, will handle the international distribution of Channel 4’s new documentary mini-series, “Married to a Psychopath”.

Big Little Fish Television today announced the acquisition by Channel 4 of the new documentary mini-series that revisits an unprecedented police investigation into the wicked crimes of a would-be serial killer.

Led by former Detective Inspector Charles Henry who ran the operation, ‘Married to a Psychopath’ (2 x 60’) documents every twist and turn of an extraordinary manhunt that spanned several continents and which would later involve twenty detectives gathering more than one thousand witness statements to convict Malcolm Webster, one of the most notorious murderers of recent times.

To every woman he met, Webster was an impeccably mannered charmer who showered them with compliments and gifts, at times even feigning leukaemia to win sympathy. But behind this beguiling personality, he was a pathological liar, thief and heartless killer.

Claire Morris married Webster in 1993 and eight months later was killed in a staged car crash. At the time police filed it as an accident and widower Webster received over £200,000 in life insurance. Five years later and once again for financial gain, Webster tried, but failed, to murder his second wife, Felicity Drumm, in the same way he had killed Claire.

‘Married to a Psychopath’ picks up the story in the 2000s when Malcolm Webster was living in the small town of Oban, Scotland, and had aroused the suspicions of the local police force whilst targeting his third victim.

The films feature key contributions from detectives connected to the case, as well as Criminologist David Wilson, Forensic Criminologist Jane Monckton Smith and many people who were close to Claire Morris and Malcolm Webster who speak on camera for the first time.

International distribution is being handled by Abacus Media Rights.

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