Amcomri Productions

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Amcomri Productions was established in 2022 to develop and produce or co-produce film and TV content across the globe. Working with a broad range of talented filmmakers Amcomri has directly produced 22 films in 2022 including 3 of our own in-house productions including Left Behind – Rise of the Antichrist,  A Home For The Holidays, and Mia & The Dragon Princess. 

Within TV we have developed projects with award-winning and world-renowned directors such as Dan Reed, Werner Herzog, John Ridley and Jimmy McGovern and our programming features a wealth of talent including Emilia Fox, Raymond Blanc, Baz Ashmawy, Mobeen Azhar and David Attenborough.

Amcomri has a unique approach to production with all content distributed and sold through our network maximising the value of each project and reducing risk. Additionally, we provide POP, Bridge and Principal Financing  and are highly experienced in utilising production tax credit opportunities around the globe. Amcomri successfully helped finance 12 films in 2022 and over 80 TV productions in the last two years.

The Amcomri production business model utilises our own capital in the production phase which allows us to advance projects faster than the traditional funding methods for independent production. This significantly reduces the risk for secondary funders and lenders, freeing them to fund the less risky distribution phase, whilst Amcomri recycles its capital into future productions.

With Amcomri Productions, independent producers can be confident that their projects will be completed with the backing of a highly respected and experienced partner.

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