Amcomri Entertainment Inc company, Abacus Media Rights, have been appointed the international distributor for the new Werner Herzog feature documentary “The Fire Within”, which centres on Katia and Maurice Krafft, volcanologists and filmmakers from the Alsace region in France.

“The Fire Within” features an archive of over 200 hours of footage, focusing on the day in 1991 when Mt. Unzen, Kyushu, Japan, unleashed a pyroclastic flow – a cloud of superheated gases and particles – that descended at over 100mph from the peak of the volcano, destroying everything in its path, sadly killing Katia and Maurice Krafft.

Werner Herzog has had access to the entire archive and has created a film described as a requiem celebrating the legacy of Katia and Maurice Krafft.

Abacus Media Rights are very proud to be the international distributor of such a fantastic feature documentary.


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