The trailer has been released for the innovative factual series “Vikings: The Rise and Fall”, a prestige co-production between Dash Pictures (formerly SWR Media) and Night Train Media (NTM).

Amcomri Entertainment Inc, Abacus Media Rights (AMR), has been appointed to sell the series, which will be delivered in October 2021, on a worldwide basis.

Narrated by Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Eurovision, The BFG, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) the 6 x 60’ series sees NTM’s Herbert L. Kloiber and Olivia Pahl serve as executive producers. Emmy-nominated producer Daniel Sharp (Disasters Engineered) and producer Anna O’Malley (The Handmaid’s Tale, Vikings, Valhalla) executive produce for Dash Pictures, bringing with them the breath-taking visuals of cinematographer Adam Jandrup (The Humbling, Frenzy) and Make-up Designer Deirdre Fitzgerald (King Arthur, Vikings, Valhalla). Norway based HANDS ON HISTORY serve as historical consultants with experts at the helm from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, the UK and US.

An unstoppable force for more than 300 years saw the relentless and far-reaching growth of the Viking Empire. Throughout history, Vikings waged war from the seas, notoriously ruthless and with their own set of rules. The Viking expansion was unprecedented in the veracity of its spread. Known for merciless bloodshed, the Norsemen became the most feared people in history. However, their story has always been told from a one-sided, Christian point of view and only now, after rigorous research through mythical sagas and bioarchaeological finds, can we uncover the truth about who the Vikings really were.

Daniel Sharp, Dash Pictures remarks, “We set out to create the definitive retelling of the Viking story through a captivating visual journey. High-end cinematic graphics, carefully scripted reconstructions, modern state of the art sound and music deliver a compelling new focus on this incredible story.”

Herbert L. Kloiber, CEO and Owner of Night Train Media adds, “This series offers an innovative and intriguing perspective on the vast global achievement of the Vikings and looks behind the history and myth for each fascinating century of Viking rule.”

Jonathan Ford, Managing Director at AMR comments, “We are extremely pleased to be on board with this exciting and engaging series. Its unique mix of reconstructions, interviews with today’s foremost Viking experts, as well as modern graphics and projections takes a deep dive into the world of the Vikings and unravels the immediate and long-term effects of a mystical era which changed the course of the world.”

View the trailer for VIKINGS: THE RISE AND FALL TRAILER using this link :